Global Poverty Eradication Conference


To identify the key challenges facing countries in Europe, Africa and Asia for sustaining growth and development in the future

To build partnerships and an international consensus on priorities for action to meet these challenges and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.


Promoting Growth

Over the past two decades, more countries have been lifted out of poverty. Much of the progress made so far towards attaining the Millennium Development Goals is a real chance that extreme poverty could be eradicated within the next generation.


Future Challenges

Nevertheless, there are challenges and threats to under develop countries which could undermine progress towards this goal. Behind the overall picture of success lies a much more complex reality, with different levels of progress both between and within countries in the region. Persistent poverty, inequality and the social exclusion of certain groups are a threat to social cohesion and progress. The deepening and acceleration of globalisation continues to throw up new challenges including issues of access to markets, security and environmental management in an increasingly interconnected world.


Partnerships For Development

Having achieved so much, but with a great deal left to do, there is a need to forge new partnerships between governments, donors and civil society. To fight poverty effectively, a new model of development cooperation is required, based on mutual interests, trust and accountability, which goes beyond the conventional relationship between aid donor and recipient.