Global Poverty Eradication Conference


Submission Of Abstracts

Potential contributors to the Conference are invited to submit abstracts of papers or posters for consideration by the organizing Committee. Papers and posters must address one of the Conference themes. Preference given to papers/posters reporting on practice initiatives that have been subject to systematic evaluation and have outcomes from which other organisations can learn.

Purely theoretical papers will have a lower priority. Individual papers will be allocated a time slot of no more than 20 minutes in the parallel sessions, including questions. Workshops (80 minutes)and symposia (collections of papers around a central topic totalling 80 minutes) can be accommodated but must be requested at time of submission.

The format of the Conferences will feature plenary sessions and thematic groups. Background papers and country statements will be presented to the plenary sessions while facilitators will present discussion points to the thematic groups.

Government Representatives will present statements on the progress made since 1995 in the context of regional groups giving their country level perspectives, plans and aspirations. Country statements are suggested to be no more than pages long.

The closing date for submission of abstracts is: March 22nd 2015. All submissions will be acknowledged on receipt and authors will be notified of the decision in mid-March.

Additional notes for potential presenters: All abstracts must be submitted in electronic format, in any version of MicrosoftWord or a compatible program.

Abstracts should be double spaced and use 12 point Arial or Helvetica font. They should include the title of the paper on one line and the author(s) on a separate line before the body of the abstract, all in 12 point Arial or Helvetica

Abstracts must be on the official abstract submission form. Download the official abstract covering form in the PDF format. Send the form and your abstract to as attachment

All presenters must register as delegates for the Conference.


Criteria For Selection Of Abstracts

The criteria that will be used for selecting abstracts are:

1. How well the abstract addresses the themes of the Conference.

2. How far the findings of the work are evidence-based.

3. How far the abstract illustrates partnership working.

4. How far the work undertaken demonstrates a commitment to evaluation.

5. Whether the work provides guidelines to inform future practice.

If you have any queries about the process, please contact the conference office: